Meet My College mates! from UIET, MDU Rohtak

There is still time in features like 'find your college mates on'. Till then why not ask your college mates to comment on your post (maybe, something like this post)? It will be like a mini directory of your college mates, from where everyone can discover eachother.

Starting with me, I am a 4th year CSE student at UIET, MDU Rohtak.
I invite everyone who belongs to UIET, MDU Rohtak to comment on this post :)

if you don't have a ItsMeh account yet don't worry, just request an invite. (you may also message me on my other social accounts for updates regarding your application)


hey everyone

Hey there!
One of the crazy weirds in UIET called by the name Mansi Gupta. Happy to be onboard ;D

Hi Chirag
ur name zodiac person here...

Hello Chira!
Your junior here ?

Another lower back tapping initiative by a 12 blocks away frnd.
Finally Lunder gave Thunder ;)
Like body shaking orgasm o la la (aha)


hey peeps! I am a 2nd year CSE student at UIET only.
for fun, here is one lie and two truths about me:
1. I always have my messy hair on :P
2. I am an introvert, who hates to connect with new people.
3. I suck at web development.

Nice ?

Pre final CSE student. Happy to see an initiative by our senior :)

Looks like a party is going on here, Did I miss something?

Great to know that we can build a community here to chat and help each other.
I hope it will grow more and gone viral.....(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Aatmanirbhar Bharat?

I was supposed to be in 4th year. I realized after reading your post. 19549 my roll no.

I am last sem user of CSE UIET,MDU.


I am a 2nd year CS student at UIET, MDU Rohtak. You can visit my profile to get connected with me on my other social media handles.