Prateek Yadav

It's the teachers not the students. (partially)

About Me:

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be" - James Allen

I am Prateek Yadav, also goes by the alias of kkY (pronounced like an abbreviation).

Almost entirety of my life I've always played by the books and explored as little as one possibly could, as a harsh realization after so many year it seems that doing everything at default only makes you mediocre and insecure ... about the being you are, so everyday my motivation is to be a tad bit better then I was yesterday may it be academically, mentally, socially, physically or spiritually.

As for what I am doing academically, I am a final year CS undergrad from UIET MDU Rohtak. Generally inclined towards stuff that makes jobs easier for "modern" developers.

Books are the goto escape from whatever that is happening on the outside, also computer are used extensively by the being of my existence.
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