चिराग सुक्खाला / Chirag Sukhala

I TURN ON computers.

About Me:

Let's make itsMeh a full fledged cool place.

I do build and break things on itsMeh.com, founded it and now steering it. It's still evolving from a concept to something better than yesterday.

If you are into degrees and certifications,
I am a Computer Science and Engineering Grad from UIET, MDU Rohtak.
along with this I have certificates in cyber security, and a lot of ... volunteering and competitions.

I would have put emojis in my about but there are no emojis font in my system, btw I use Arch Linux. and I strongly believe in Freedom whether speaking in context free open source softwares (FOSS) or as in speech.

People says but I am not a tech wizard, I have a long experience in web development using developers most loved language, PHP! and ofc it taught me a lot about web security and information security.

I have been speaker and mentor in many communities including Null/OWASP, Google DSC UIET MDU, Geekhub UIET MDU, ETC.

what now? not speaking anymore?
Well, thanks to covid19 I was researching/learning a lot during the lockdown and it felt like what I knew was just a drop and there are oceans to be discovered. More like on listener mode than speaking mode, anyways nothing much (colleges, offline meetups, events) happening during the lockdown where my knowledge could be useful. Whatever I want to share I either blog or make vlog on YouTube.

So I am a good developer right?
No really, I know and understand technologies but still write shitty code but it works, see itsmeh is working, for now atleast. along with my leadership and communication skills are not polished. all I can say is, I love tech, and I will acquire the required skills and make it work without compromising on security.

want to learn more? ping me?
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