ItsMeh is finally getting a better frontend!

Till now front end was not a priority, and we were testing basic and fundamental stuff like:
- OAuth2.0 implementations,
- Performance and sustainability of custom data structure,
- Business logic bugs
- and most importantly our distributed architecture of micro services, content delivery network and reverse proxies.

With these fundamental pieces in place we can now start working on better front end.
We will shift to Progressive Web App (PWA) and the transition will start soon.

I am not much a fan of PWAs or RAM hungry JavaScript, so if you are just as crazy as I am, you can build a CLI version or a VS Code version of ItsMeh, I will share the APIs with you.

Till Then Over and Out!


About the Author:

चिराग सुक्खाला / Chirag Sukhala

निर्भय & yet 2 be निर्वायर