Securing & Organising Photos using Perkeep

Long story short [Peerkeep]( is an opensource project authored by [Brad Fitzpatrick]( (would be cool if he was on ItsMeh) that believes in:
- Your data is entirely under your control
- Open Source
- Paranoid about privacy, everything private by default
- No SPOF: don’t rely on any single party (including yourself)
- Your data should be alive in 80 years, especially if you are.

It's a pretty cool project and I have also contributed to it a bit (Readme Update :p). I wanted to give it a production run try since a long time. Tonight is the night I guess, Since I have a stable home server running now and tons of photos scattered through drives and random backups, sometimes as duplicates too.

What I am expecting is to download a binary or docker image (ultimately going to run inside container) and mount a volume to store the objects. maybe storing that volume on LUKs protected LVM, see how paranoid I get when it comes to security and privacy. Although Peerkeep has encryption module but we will see what's that and how its different to LUKs. I hope to just drag and drop all my photos without bothering about filenames and structures and end up with my photos being organized according to the metadata (date taken, location, device, etc), and latter I will manually tag people so I can search for someones ugly pictures on their birthday :P.

Lets hope for the best, I am starting the install now.

##Serotonin Moment:
Going thorough the Docs [new release page]( and finding my name as one of the contributors in main doc.
Will keep you people posted by updating this Post. Also somewhat disappointed to see only 22 people have contributed towards this release.


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