Shifted away from Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp) and this happned!

Overview: Below is my attempt at giving myself more time, and tips and to help you do the same.

Well Facebook platforms are not bad. Indeed they are too good, I like scrolling through my extremely personalized Instagram feed and explore page and not to mention the engaging cringe reels.
So engaging and never ending feeds that we need an even stronger online discipline nowadays to avoid wasting a major portion of our day on entertainment. Not to mention the dopamine addiction caused by number of like,comments, followers and so on.

I wanted more time for myself, I started with taking 8hours "no push notifications" break, Account was still logged in but distracting notifications were out of the way now. I still sneak peaked on messages when I take breaks for posture check and even my muscle memory was trained to open Instagram after unlocking the phone. This helped me improve my discipline and a step closer to full retreat. A week ago, I deactivated my Instagram account. Take note that I "deactivated" but the app was still there in mobile at same place like before, now with "Reactivating Account" button just a click away. Why? My muscle memory still opens Instagram out of habit and it make sure my fingers get what they want. Also, It test my will power not to reactivate the account. This is how I make sure I left Instagram out of choice and not out of option. This can be applied to any habit you want to build.

I haven't mentioned about WhatsApp because that is a quite different case and kinda essential stuff, you can switch from WhatsApp to some other instant messengers but its the same story everywhere. I use many I.Ms but mostly active on Discord.

#How do I cheat?
Call it cheating or controlled feeding my cravings, I have another Personal Instagram account that I scroll through rarely (4-5times since deactivating main account). The key is that account has just a portion of personalized feed that I used to get on my main account and you can call it a boring account. It makes me bore and close the app. Will deactivate this one too.
People tend to acquire new addictions when they quit one, thankfully I already have one called as Counter Strike XD. Add me on steam, link on the profile.

#What Changed?
Well A Lot changed! First the whole week passed like a moment as I was more involved in doing stuff that matters more like developing itsMeh, Researching on BioMechatonic, coordinating with teammates working on different projects like Developer Student Clubs Solution Day Challenge, fixing jammed printer, practicing guitar and more time to meditation. was able to hit all the to-dos for the week in timely manner. It was a productive week.

What else changed is, YouTube usage increased, and educational and entertainment content is fighting for majority in my feed.

Will edit and mention if anything else comes to my mind.

Why not you mention down your experience with Facebook Platforms or any other social media, good or bad.



gyaan ki varshaa kar di aaj to

It is necessary to online on social platforms but not mandatory. I use them according my time. As my screen time is more on social sites just a year ago. But i tried to move on other sites like use that screen time in educational app or youtube. It happens with time. My screen time moves with social to educational but i need to more accuracy with my social sites sometime i did cheat also. It happens eventually but I will overcome over it soon.